Foodshed.io Uses Blockchain to Make Sourcing Local Sustainable Goods Easy, Championing Local Farmers
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(New York, NY) May 14, 2018 -- Packaged Facts 2017 study reported that local food demand has quadrupled since 2005. The current system is ill equipped to handle the continued growth in demand. Foodshed.io is going to change that. This innovative platform streamlines ordering, payment, and delivery from independent farmers within a 250-mile radius of where the food is to be consumed.

“We still have a food system set up for the horse and buggy era, we’re changing that,” says Dan Beckmann, CEO, Foodshed. “Foodshed.io, is making local food a reality at scale by bringing products from independent farms easily to restaurants and grocery stores using cutting edge marketing and logistics technology, never seen before in food.”

Foodshed.io solves the inefficiencies of local food distribution. There are many barriers that make access to markets, even local markets, difficult for independent farmers of varying scale. Foodshed.io is connecting sustainable, independent producers to local wholesale markets because they believe that local food is good food and a local economy is a good economy.

The program offers unprecedented transparency in the product supply chain. Through blockchain technology, app users are able to track their product from harvest, to pick up, through delivery and dropoff. Farmers list available produce on the platform. Restaurants, supermarkets, and institutional buyers can browse local products, place orders with multiple farms, and pay all on the platform. Throughout distribution, supply is constantly built up and broken down.

Foodshed.io first launched their beta in January. With a proven concept and community support, the product is now ready to service farmers and food establishments with their public app. Over 150 farmers from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Connecticut, NJ & Vermont have signed up and listed their produce. To learn more, visit www.foodshed.io. Keep up with ongoing news and updates by following on Instagram and Twitter @foodshed.io.

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Thanks for posting! What's the competitive landscape like for you guys?

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