Inocucor Changes Name to Concentric
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DENVER, May 17, 2018 — Inocucor Corporation, a developer and producer of proprietary biological and essential plant nutrient inputs for specialty and broadacre crops, today announced it will change its name to Concentric Ag Corporation.

Concentric by definition means “having a common center,” and the new name represents the company’s dedication to standing alongside growers to find crop solutions that will usher in a safe, smart Second Green Revolution. The name Concentric also symbolizes growth and vitality in nature like rings in a tree, a nod to the company’s products designed to help growers’ crops reach their full harvest potential.

President and CEO Donald R. Marvin said the name change marks the beginning of a new era for the company, as it emerges from a start-up to an established leader in biologicals and essential plant nutrient products for growers.

“Our new name Concentric signifies a pivotal moment for the company,” Marvin said. “We have closed our Series B funding, completed our first strategic acquisition and have hired a very smart group of executives to drive commercial expansion in North America and beyond. We are focused on leading the industry with biological and plant nutrient combinations that bring real solutions to growers.”

Just this week, Concentric occupied its new 30,000-square-foot U.S. headquarters and commercialization office in Centennial, Colo., near Denver. Its Montreal-based, R&D Technical Center of Excellence was recently expanded to 20,000 square feet. In April, Concentric acquired ATP Nutrition, a producer of science-based plant nutrients based in Oak Bluff, Manitoba, Canada.

The company employs about 65 people in the U.S. and Canada today, and anticipates adding another 25 to 30 high-level scientific and managerial professionals over the next year.

For more information on Concentric and the origin of its new company name, visit www.ConcentricAg.com.

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