These 4 Tech Trends Are Driving Us Toward Food Abundance
submitted 2 years, 1 month ago by lbt

From a first-principles perspective, the task of feeding eight billion people boils down to converting energy from the sun into chemical energy in our bodies. Traditionally, solar energy is converted by photosynthesis into carbohydrates in plants (i.e., biomass), which are either eaten by the vegans amongst us, or fed to animals, for those with a carnivorous preference. Today, the process of feeding humanity is extremely inefficient. If we could radically reinvent what we eat, and how we create that food, what might you imagine that “future of food ” would look like? In this post we’ll cover: 1. Vertical farms 2. CRISPR engineered foods 3. The alt-protein revolution 4. Farmer 3.0 Let’s dive in.

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