Indonesian Blockchain Platform HARA is Empowering Billions
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May 15 2018, Nairobi, Kenya - HARA, a blockchain-based data exchange in food culture, is the only Asian company invited to speak at the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Summit in Kenya. Regi Wahyu, CEO of HARA, shared how HARA’s ecosystem has improved the livelihood of farmers in Indonesia - and how that technology could also have the same impact on African nations.

To unleash the true potential of the $3 trillion global food sector, HARA created a blockchain-based, decentralized data exchange to make data accessible for everyone to benefit. “We are living in an asymmetrical information world, a world where internet penetration is up to 60%, but public information and documents are still mostly offline,” said Wahyu. “This is even more prominent in developing countries where huge information gap hinders farmers from access to information, markets and financing. My dream is that HARA will improve farmers welfare by opening and democratizing access to information for all stakeholders.”
The core problem, he continued, is not on the supply and demand side, but on the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of doing and executing the business. Very little data is available to improve players productivity throughout the value chain. With this in mind, HARA ecosystem was born to bridge the gap; smallholder farmers, for example, are incentivized and given a simple tool to provide data throughout their production process. This information could then be used by data buyers to improve the services they provide to the farmers.

Wahyu discussed that by implementing blockchain technology and building artificial intelligence tools have enabled HARA to scale while ensuring transactions are transparent and traceable. “The goal is to empower billions of people,” he said, “and we cannot do this alone. We need to collaborate. Let’s start with this room.”

The summit unites 300 senior-level representatives from UN Agencies, Investors, Governments, NGOs and private sector partners to explore best practice and innovations for CSA in Africa, as a foundation for future projects.

About HARA
HARA is a blockchain-based data exchange for the food sector that has been operating since 2015. HARA provides farmers and all agriculture players access to reliable data and transactions.

HARA has acquired usually hard-to-find food data such as KYC, farmer, land, weather data in different provinces across Indonesia that is beneficial to assist financial institution partners to disburse loans in growing market, and tested incentive mechanisms ensuring continuous usage of application in ecosystem.

HARA’s pilot project is done at Indonesia, one of the largest agriculture nation in the world. HARA has offices at Jakarta and Singapore and is expanding to 12 equatorial countries.

HARA is planning a token sale in the near future. For further information, please visit our website: http://haratoken.io/.

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