Can A.I. usher in a new era of hyper-personalized food?
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“My take is that pretty much all the food and beverage products on the market today are awful,” Jason Cohen tells me, with fierce conviction. “There are literally no products engineered for *me*.” Cohen is the founder and CEO of Analytic Flavor Systems, an NYC-dobased start-up that aims to usher in a new era of hyper-personalized food. We are meeting at a swank Australian coffee shop near the company’s office in the financial district—the kind of place that offers multiple single-origin pour-over options—so he can tell me about his artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform, Gastrograph, which he says can be used to map taste preferences with unprecedented ease and precision. Cohen is lanky and self-possessed, with hair the color of damp straw. He drinks his coffee with the studied concentration of someone who takes flavor extremely seriously. Like many start-up CEOs, Cohen interprets his own dissatisfaction as a sign of a more general problem. It’s not just that most grocery store offerings, from snack-cakes and yogurt to green tea and IPA, don’t fully thrill our senses. They’re also aimed at the lowest common denominator: There’s nothing out there truly designed for *you*. The world of food and beverage manufacturing, Cohen says, is still oriented around “the predominant demographic,” the flavors of things tailored to please a coarse approximation of majority appetites. The result, in his view? Endless shelves of products that most people like, but few people really love.

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This looks awesome

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