New look for Ceres Imaging app and new features including including GeoTIFF downloads and Flight Schedules
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This season growers who use Ceres Imaging will notice a new look for the app on both the mobile version and when logging in with a computer. Perhaps even more exciting than the shiny new appearance are some new key features.

This post will provide a quick walkthrough of:

Image overlay view
Downloads of GeoTIFF files
Field boundaries visible in app
Flight schedule information
Image overlay view
As seen in the image above, the Overlay feature allows you to look at the same spot in a field on two different dates, with the same image type or two different ones. It’s as simple as pulling the vertical toggle bar back and forth across the screen.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 6.06.59 PM
GeoTIFF download feature
To find the image download feature, click on the menu symbol at the top left: three vertical bars. Then scroll to the bottom of the menu.

GeoTIFF files are a valuable tool for farmers that allow for mapping and precise uses of imagery. These files are now downloadable for all flights after May 22, 2018.

The download button in the app can be seen in the screenshot above. The app will download the GeoTIFF for the field and date selected in the lower blanks in the app.

Field boundaries visible in app
With the newest update to the Ceres Imaging app, farmers can now choose to see their field boundaries in the app.

By choosing to turn field boundaries on or off, you can show or hide the exact outline of the underlying field.

Please note, these field boundaries match the Shapefiles submitted to Ceres Imaging by the farmer or grower.

They are as detailed as the file submitted to Ceres.

Flight Schedule information
The Flight Schedule button in the menu bar will take you to a screen like the one shown above.

This feature tracks the dates of previous flights for your fields and also shows the week of the next planned flight. Please note, the date shown indicates the week of the next flight, not the exact day.

Talk to your Ceres account rep for more information about flight schedules.

Stay tuned for additional features and news about your Ceres Imaging accounts as more developments are in store for 2018.

As always, if you've got a question, please reach out to your account rep, or to the general support team at [email protected] --we are here to make sure our imagery solves problems for you.

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