The Five Biggest Startup Opportunities In Agtech Today
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Venture investors poured more than $1 billion into agtech last year, and we are on pace to match or exceed that this year. The convergence of AI, cloud computing, big data and gene editing, with applications from soil to plants, foods to medicines, farm to table are driving investments. Discerning startups and investors will capitalize from the market’s current, numerous opportunities.

From my vantage point at TechAccel (full disclosure: I’m the CEO there), part of our business is to scan the horizon for scientific innovations in agtech and animal health, and then help bring the most promising to market. While we don’t work with all highly funded niches, such as those related to consumer meal delivery (Blue Apron, for example, received $199 million in funding), we are “on the ground” with any technology that directly impacts farmers and ranchers.

Here are five of the most promising ag and animal health technologies, and, by association, biggest startup opportunities we are seeing right now:

1. Gene editing and cloud biology

2. Alternatives to Antibiotics

3. Soil Biologicals

4. Aquaculture

5. Post-Harvest Technologies

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lbt 0 points posted 2 years, 5 months ago

The data isn't quite right here - over $4 billion in agtech investment (excluding downstream food tech) in 2017.

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