Agrellus launches new mobile app to buy ag inputs any time or place
submitted 2 years, 5 months ago by augustusholdings

Agrellus has launched a brand new mobile app for both Apple and Android devices so growers around the country can buy seed, fertilizer, chemicals, irrigation parts and more at better prices. It's the latest use of technology to improve growers bottom line and help dealers to sell more.

Now at any time or place, growers can use the Agrellus app to check labels, set GPS delivery locations, upload permits, and make brand name or custom requests on thousands of products.

Agrellus was founded by actual growers to help growers. We're the leading "Ag meets Silicon Valley" ag inputs online marketplace. Using proprietary technology, we now have more products available, more grower and dealer members, and more quote and sales volume than other startup marketplaces.

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