AGERpoint® AWARDED TWO NEW PATENTS: Improving precision data capture abilities for permanent crop yield, growth, vitality, and crop predictions
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AGERpoint®, a leading Precision Agriculture Data Analytics company centered around precise data collection and analytics, announced the issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of two new patents on April 10, 2018 and May 29, 2018 involving systems and methods for monitoring agricultural products and determining crop yields with high resolution geo-referenced sensors.

The first of the new patents, US 9,939,417, “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS” focuses on improving fruit tree analysis and crop predictions and monitoring fruit production, plant growth, and plant vitality. This patent supports AGERpoint’s GroveTracker product which uses LiDAR-based data capture for specific location, as well as phenotypical data such as the canopy diameter,
trunk diameter, height, and density of each plant.

The second of the new patents, US 9,983,311, “MODULAR SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING CROP YIELDS WITH HIGH RESOLUTION GEO-REFERENCED SENSORS” focuses on the systems and methods for controlling a modular system for improved real-time yield monitoring and sensor fusion of crops in an orchard. This patent supports AGERpoint’s YieldTracker product which tracks harvests throughout a field,
providing actual yield data row-by-row.

“With these two patents, we are extremely excited about the opportunities to improve our already precise agriculture data collection techniques and associated permanent crop analytics,” said Andrew J. Nash, CEO of AGERpoint. He continued with “Our goal is to place precise actionable data in the hands of all value chain participants (food & beverage industry, growers, researchers, agronomists, insurers, industry associations, etc.) to continue to innovate and enhance decision making processes.”

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