Hemp becomes the world’s billion-dollar business – worldwide largest conference on industrial hemp in June 2019 in Cologne (Germany)
submitted 1 year, 4 months ago by nova

Last year, industrial hemp showed record cultivation figures in Europe, Canada and China. In addition, cultivation has begun in the USA. The highest growth in demand comes from the food sector, food additives and pharmaceuticals. But hemp fibres are also increasingly being sold to the automotive and construction industries. The turnover in the industrial hemp sector has meanwhile reached new dimensions, with numerous new companies getting listed on the stock exchange.
Join the global meeting place of the fast growing hemp industry in Cologne on 5 - 6 June at the “16th EIHA Hemp Conference”. For the second time, participants will vote for the “Hemp Product of the Year”. The conference is expected to attract 400 participants from 50 countries. http://www.eiha-conference.org/

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