Oceano Fresco’s Board Welcomes Olivier Cottet and Bjorn Skjaevestad
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Mira, Portugal, January 29, 2019. Shellfish aquaculture startup Oceano Fresco announced today the expansion of its Board of Directors to include non-executive members Olivier Cotter, of Syngenta, and Bjorn Skjaevestad, of Altavida AS. With this expansion the Company aims to further position itself as a leading global player in the emergent field of science-based bivalve aquaculture.

Olivier Cotter is Head of Global Biological Operations, Vegetables Seeds, at agrobusiness giant Syngenta. He is a plant breeding specialist, with more than 20 years of experience managing programs in sunflower, oilseed rape and sugar beet. Olivier has spent most of his career managing innovation to align R&D and breeding programs with business objectives.

Bjorn Skjaevestad has played numerous key roles in aquaculture, biotechnology and animal health ventures, has grown and successfully sold fish breeding businesses, and currently sits on the Board of several high-growth companies. Based in Oslo, Bjorn is the owner and CEO of Altavida, a global investment and management company.

Oceano Fresco founder and CEO Bernardo Carvalho noted “having a Board of Directors that combines top tier R&D and commercial experience is a key enabler to achieve our ambition of becoming the world leader in science-based shellfish aquaculture”.
Oceano Fresco’s Board of Directors is chaired by life-science entrepreneur Nuno Arantes-Oliveira and includes the founding CEO as well as representatives from financial backers BlueCrow Capital.

About Oceano Fresco S.A.
Oceano Fresco applies both traditional and innovative scientific methods to the production and systematic improvement of high-value bivalve varieties. The company is building a state-of-the-art BioMarine Center and hatchery in central Portugal, as well as a 100-hectare sea farm off the coast of the Algarve. Oceano Fresco has assembled a world-class team of international advisors, managers, scientists, breeders and technicians, and aims to become a game-changer in the €20 billion shellfish market, contributing to higher levels of sustainability in global food production.

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