Quantum Genetix addresses the challenge of when to market cattle
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Quantum Genetix addresses the challenge of when to market cattle
New Q-sort app puts harvest date right at Cattlemen’s fingertips
Selling overfat or underfat cattle costs beef producers millions of dollars in unrealized or lost margin. Quantum Genetix has tackled this issue with the launch of the Q-sort test and app. Q-sort uses market condition inputs to calculate the optimal margin gain of a pen of cattle based on genetic growth models. It provides information to reduce overfeeding and underfeeding and when to sell a pen of feeders at their most profitable.
“This is a culmination of years of research and millions of dollars invested to build a genetic model that makes it easier for feedlot managers to do their job,” says Quantum Genetix President, Leigh Marquess. “The goal is to improve efficiency and profitability for beef producers. Understanding when a pen of cattle is ready to be shipped is crucial; one week, either way, can significantly impact breakeven.”
Quantum Genetix’s motto is “Genomics Simplified”; Q-sort take complex genetic information and turns it into a simple decision-making tool, designed to work in the feedyard environment in virtual real time.
All the cattle feeder needs to do is take a small tissue sample, either on arrival or at re-implant time, via specific tissue collection tags provided by Quantum Genetix. Animal or pen ID is recorded and the samples are sent to the Quantum Genetix lab for processing. The genetic information is automatically uploaded to the app leaving the operator to enter in their specific market conditions and some basic animal information. The app then calculates the optimum week the cattle should ideally be shipped. Another advantage is that the app will calculate the start date of ractopamine and projects an ROI.
Q-sort is available directly from Quantum Genetix in the US and in Canada it is marketed via Bio Agri Mix, who are leading supplier of medicated feeds additives; Monensin, Tylosin, Ractopamine and Virginamycin; and technical support to the Canadian feedlot industry.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/quantum-genetix-dna-test-app/id1449883253 or Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=quantumgenetix.qsortBAM.ca

About Quantum Genetix
Quantum Genetix, started in 2003, is an international genomics company based in Saskatoon, Canada. The company is focused on making Genomics Simplified for agricultural producers, both animal and crop. Additional tests Quantum offers are herd improvement tools Q-select and animal parentage identification, Q-link. Q-resist was developed to measure and monitor antimicrobial resistance. On the agronomy side, Quantum Genetix has designed an early disease detection test for various crops called Q-protect.
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