Join the Grow Your Own Revolution
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Australian Urban Agriculture Technology startup Urbotanica announced it is working alongside equity
crowdfunding platform Equitise to raise $700,000 to support its on-going growth and expansion into Asia.
Consumers globally are becoming increasingly more conscious of where their food is coming from and its
environmental impact. Urbotanica is an urban ag-tech company solving these issues by providing people with
innovative tools to grow their own produce at home. Their first product, the UrbiPod, is an innovative kitchen
benchtop appliance and intelligent micro indoor garden that helps conscientious urban consumers who want
to learn more about their food and how to grow in an urban environment.

The global urban agriculture market is worth $210 billion with the world’s current population of 7.7 billion.
The population is expected to increase to slightly less than 10 billion by 2050 with 68% of those people living
in urban areas. Couple that with a new focus on sustainability and health and wellness and you have a mass
group of consumers who have less time and space than ever before but who demand fresher but more
sustainable produce.

The UrbiPod indoor garden takes the guesswork out of growing fresh herbs, salads, flowers and micro greens.
The clever irrigation and nutrient application system that delivers the right amount of natural plant food and
use an automated energy-efficient LED system to mimic sunlight providing the ideal environment to deliver
plant growth up to three times faster than outdoors. This makes consumers a successful green thumb all year
round, irrespective of the season or outdoor elements.

Managing Director, Ray Hart says investment in the Urbotanica business provides investors with exposure to
a high growth market, with ongoing subscription-based revenue streams and multi-channel sales model.
"With more than 1,500 units in the Australian market and highly engaged customers regularly re-ordering
quality consumables, Urbotanica is well positioned for growth and to expand the business to overseas
markets," said Hart.

“The ‘grow your own’ trend is starting to catch-on globally and we hope to become a household name in this
space. More and more consumers are conscious about what they’re eating and where it has come from with
the average Australian shopping basket travelling 70,000kms creating 16,000 tonnes of CO2. Urbotanica is an
innovative products company in the booming agri-tech sector and we’re thrilled to offer the chance to buy
equity in our startup to everyday like-minded Australians,” said Hart.

Hoping to fast-track its growth, Urbotanica will use the funds from the equity crowdfund to commence its
next production run of UrbiPods to meet customer demand. The business also plans to increase its marketing
spend for brand awareness, breaking into the lucrative Asian market where 64% of the global middle class
will live by 2030.
Co-founder of Equitise, Chris Gilbert says he is eager to see the consumer interest in Urbotanica from the
“Urban ag-tech is a rapidly growing space with some of the biggest global trends feeding it, including
sustainability, health and wellness and urbanisation. Urbotanica has built a great team that sees the potential
within this market and the UrbiPod is a fantastic first product that is already had high traction. With over 4.7
million Australian households growing their own food, there's a real demand for this product here and
overseas,” said Gilbert.

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