Thought For Food Joins Forces with Wikifactory to Enable Open Hardware Innovation in Food and Agriculture
submitted 6 months, 2 weeks ago by janastolz

The Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation, the world’s next-generation innovation engine for food and agriculture, and Wikifactory, the social platform for collaborative product development, announce their partnership, which focuses on enabling knowledge and technical exchange for digitally-fabricated, data-driven and AI-powered hardware solutions in food and agriculture.

“We have seen the massive innovation boost that open source has brought to the software industry, and we want to bring that spirit to the food and agriculture industry. We need more people creating innovations, participating in using it, and integrating solutions to create broader impact. Our world has reached a critical turning point where our old innovation systems are ripe for reinvention by mass collaboration. We need to reboot all the old models, approaches and structures, and this is one way we can help do this. By supporting the open hardware and open-source movement, Thought For Food and Wikifactory aim to increase the speed and impact of food system innovation towards sustainability and inclusivity," states Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of Thought For Food.

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