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Walt Hamera, a Vinduino customer in De Luz, California, grows avocados, specialty coffee, and wine grapes .

"Even though I had a soil moisture monitoring system in place,"
says Mr. Hamera, "I was not satisfied with the data it was giving me or how that data was being used. In my search for a more efficient alternative I came across Vinduino. After some research and conversations with fellow farmers, I decided to implement and install the system. The results exceeded my expectations. My monthly water bill was down 68%, and that wasn’t the only plus. Vinduino’s system is fully automated, uses LoRaWAN wireless communication, as opposed to line-of-sight, and adjusts the irrigation time according to ETc data from CIMIS and satellite. Vinduino’s precision irrigation capabilities have appreciably reduced my water consumption, increased my productivity, and made my life, in general, a whole lot easier."

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