Turn Dead water to Living Water for health
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SINGAPORE, [RELEASE DATE] - At CES2020, OxyTap Pte Ltd, an innovative HealthTech company using oxygen to improve health and wellness sustainably, announces to unveil its OxyTap Water Freshener, which restores and increases healthy oxygen back into drinking water lost through filtration and bottling.

To solve the problem of drinking stale and tasteless water depleted of healthy oxygen, OxyTap Water Freshener is the world's smallest self-generating oxygen appliance that fits on a table top without the need for cartridges and its patented nozzle enables you to refresh any bottled water or container easily in 3 minutes.

OxyTap Pte Ltd will be at CES2020 between Jan 7 - Jan 10.
(Booth #52501-07, Sands Expo, Hall G, SG Pavilion Eureka Park)

We have been drinking stale water depleted of oxygen (Dead water). There was no way to increase oxygen in drinking water from water purifiers to branded bottled water until now.

OxyTap is the only appliance today which allows you to refresh water with high oxygen concentration (Living Water) in just 3 minutes before drinking.

OxyTap Water Freshener delivers an innovative solution which brings benefits such
- Fast generation of high oxygen in just 3 minutes of operation.
- Self generates pure oxygen from the supplied water, removing the need to buy costly oxygen cartridges.
- Unique patented dual pump stabilises the high concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water, which stays high even after 8-12 hours without bottling.

"Today bottling of oxygenated water needs huge industrial factory to infuse oxygen in the water, bottle water in PET bottles, transport and ship burning more fossil fuels. We are the first table top, self-generating Oxygen water freshener which allows you to use any clean water and oxygenate it fresh at home. Removing the need for a
factory to produce, no usage of PET bottles, no fossil fuel used in transportation to customers in various countries and stores. As it self generates oxygen from water itself there is no need for wasteful cartridges ever and the facility to produce the oxygen. We have managed to put a factory in a box which is sustainable and
compact."; said Wilson Tan, CEO of OxyTap Pte Ltd.

"Fresh water in nature has healthy dissolved oxygen concentration ranging from 8-20ppm (parts per million), however oxygen is lost through filtration and water treatment leaving you with 3-6ppm. Even bottled water from famous brands loses oxygen during bottling, storage and transportation leaving you with stale tasteless
water. OxyTap is the only solution which refreshes water to high oxygen concentration of 30-35ppm in 3 minute, improving health and taste." said Wilson Tan, CEO of OxyTap Pte Ltd.

The global water purifier market reached a value of US$ 33.3 Billion in 2018. Looking forward, the market is projected to reach a value of US$ 54.9 Billion, exhibiting a CAGR of around 9% during 2019-2024.

Most households today have some form of water filtration/purifier system and the better the filtration system, the more dissolved oxygen is removed. OxyTap will be a good addition to improve water health by increasing oxygen.

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