Focus on technological innovations in the agri-food sector
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Innovations in agribusiness are a real challenge for businesses today. This quest for innovation is often driven by the evolving consumer diet: saving time and convenience, looking for “good eating”, less waste, more transparency and trace-ability.

The areas of technological innovation in agribusiness
Innovation affects all agrifood workstations, namely the production process, logistics, trade, communication or marketing. These are all the stages of the process that are involved, from the manufacture of the product to its packaging through the related services.
Compared with other sectors? Food companies are 69% to innovate against 47% in the manufacturing industry.

What new technologies for the agri-food industry?
Digitization of the process of agro-food industries
Software publishers work particularly for the agri-food industry. The tools they produce directly improve performance in the chosen field: trade, logistics, food safety, production, working conditions of employees, etc.

Such partners in the agri-food industries help them to enter the industry. era of digital transformation and the benefits of digital.

Food industry access to solar thermal energy
Several start-ups propose the use of solar thermal energy to industrialists.

What is the point of respect for the environment and at what price? The energy used is ecological because it is devoid of carbon. The investment is then less or nothing. It is produced locally at a competitive price. Thanks to solar thermal energy, the energy bill will be considerably reduced. The environmental footprint of the industry is visible and its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy will be strengthened.

The water-soluble packaging
The development of the water-soluble packaging was effective after the production of the first bioplastic for agrochemicals. The raw material of this type of packaging is cow’s milk. This is an edible packaging that the agri-food sector can very well exploit.

And the human in all this? Thus, in a sector in constant evolution, innovation and agribusiness are more and more inseparable. However, this must be understood in a context of capitalization and skills development of employees. The search for innovation also develops job opportunities and encourages companies to recruit positions such as the R & D engineer (Research and Development), the quality manager, the manufacturing manager, etc.

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