FarmERP To Showcase Smart ERP Software Platform At Fruit Logistica2020
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Fruit Logistica has been organizing a global event for the past 27 years, to help farmers and farming stakeholders to combat these challenges and to make their fresh fruit and vegetable farming more effective and productive. This event showcases new ideas and new inputs that have risen in the AgriTech sector.
Thousands of exhibitors and farming enthusiasts from the fresh produce sector attend the event from across the world to increase their business potential and to be updated with new AgriTech trends and new technologies.
At the Berlin Fruit Logistica 2020, FarmERP will be showcasing its best-in-class and successful software platform for (FFV) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables business. This software is being used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain, and financial data management and analysis.
The FarmERP software is a future-ready ERP platform that gives companies and agricultural stakeholders the complete control over the entire process management. As a multi-user, multi-location and multi-crop software, this ERP software solution enables faster decision-making and resource optimization to improve productivity and profitability.
FarmERP has always had a sustainable framework that is aligned with the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations:
• Through the use of climate-resilient intelligence, FarmERP helps the FFV industry in the utilization and conservation of water without depleting the soil.
• With the goal of zero hunger, FarmERP aids in the growth, distribution, and consumption of food to conserve agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
• Due to dramatic changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels, and weather-related catastrophes, FarmERP deployment brings digital transformation into the agricultural industry by adding predictability.
FarmERP has helped to achieve higher efficiency, higher yields, and higher profitability. They have also assisted many leading companies in achieving their objectives of a profitable and sustainable agribusiness.
Partnership With FarmERP
FarmERP has partnered with the Phoenix Group in Dubai to aid 2 of their major projects in India; Project Deccan that is based in Baramati and Project Himalaya that is based in Kashmir. These projects focus on ensuring that the fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown here are of the highest exportable quality. FarmERP has provided its entire platform to both the Projects. The data captured through the software is collected and provided to the Phoenix Group, which is then analyzed and managed over their platform.
FarmERP also streamlined the time-critical process of fruit procurement, packing and export operations for the leading grape exporter in India, Mahindra Agri Solutions. “FarmERP’s innovative solution and project management expertise have helped us deploy our projects in real-time. The team has a complete can-do attitude which has to lead us to achieve our objective of bringing the entire Farm to Fork business operations on a single digital platform with inbuilt Traceability” according to Head –Agribusiness of Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd.
In another instance, Sri Lanka’s leading Mango Producing Company had planted multiple trees in five geographical sites. These fruits were then sold through company-owned retail outlets but faced challenges like maintaining the quality of fresh fruits, plantation management across various sites, and the tedious and time-consuming physical inspections.
FarmERP researched and studied their problem and devised a solution. In order to streamline the complex process of bagging and harvesting fruit, FarmERP suggested pasting the bags with labels having the week’s number printed on them. This helped the team in opening only those bags that will be falling in that week. By using the offline mode in the FarmERP Android tablet, they were able to record the actual number of fruits that were to be harvested.
Through various programs that are aligned to the objectives of agricultural stakeholders, FarmERP brings with it great partnership opportunities. Their programs nurture the partnering community to maximize their return on investment. This community consists of outstanding products, services, and resources.
So come to Fruit Logistica 2020 and visit FarmERP and other FFV companies to expand your knowledge and understand the developments happening in the AgriTech industry. The FarmERP booth will be at Hall 09, stand D06.

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