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Intiatives taken to address dryland problems and inducing the innovative techniques and preventing enviromental degradation has been overwhelmingly effective. Further placing 'Hydro particles and Nano clay particle can play important role in reducing water scarcity, spreading drylands and converting them in alluvial soil. Hydro particle and Nano Mineral Clay' has allready been highly effective in desart farming in Thar Desert.

I am an independent scientist and inventor of 'Hydro Ball' an hetero polysaccharide hydro particles derived naturally from plant and free from all chemical and any chemical interference which reduces 70 to 90% water requirement for crops.

' Nano Mineral Clay' which converts non alluvial to alluvial soil as it self spreading mineral nano
clay to converts dry land etc to alluvial agricultural productive land within the period of 180 days naturally by regenerating humus and creating favorable conditions for micro-organisms. 'Nano mineral clay' is also natural and free from chemicals, also helps in desalination and defluoride water and soil, detoxification. With Hydro Ball we can combat desertification, drought and drylands efficiently.

To my interest and morality I acknowledge the initiative taken by you. I will be highly honoured to join the initiative and be the part of the program if opportunity is provided to me.

I feel highly proud to submit a brief details of Hydro Ball.

Hydro Ball is Natural and made from Hetero Polysaccharides,

Hydro Ball is bio degradable. Unlike HYDRO GEL Super absorbent Polymer (SAP) made of potassium acrylate which are not decomposed.

Free from arsenic, hard metals, and toxic effects.

Absorbs water more than 700 times of its size & weight within 4-5 minutes.

Maintenance of moisture for longer period.

Releases water slowly or above 50 - 60 degree Celsius temperature or less than 8% moisture table.

Made of Polysaccharides, reserve polysaccharides are formed by plant cells at certain stages of development, usually during periods of intense photosynthetic activity and are later digested to deliver carbohydrate monomers, which re- enter the cells metabolism.

Increases cation and anion exchange.

Complex of hetero-polysaccharides and earth materials provides all nutrient responsible for growth and metabolism.

Due to increased and developed ionic exchange, hetero-polysaccharide bonds with the earth nutrient and absorb the nutrient and supply & transport them to root system for the longer period thus restricting the run off.

Increases the bio availability of the nutrient with its slow release technique.

Develop a complex of super nutrient and supply nutrients periodically for better absorption and plant metabolism, thereby building up super plant food,

Decreases the thermal conductivity. Increase Organic Carbon and Nitrogen.

Increases the buffering of soil, reduce compactness of soil, water holding capacity and eliminate the deposited heavy metals and toxic.

Less microbial attacks as its reduces the water logging.

Reduces the water salinity complexes, purifies the water,

Increases the ground water as it reduces the thermal conductivity their by reducing the evaporation and increases higher water components and reserve.

Work with natural action and does not interfere the secondary cycle process of soil, earth materials and vegetation.

Scarcity of water, Non arable land, low humus substance, and desert can be easily farmed and can be converted into dense tropical vegetation.

The half life of Hydro Ball is for more then 500 days where as the effects is elongated for the period of 17 years.

We also claim all our research products are 100% organic and are free from chemical and chemical references to give organic boost.
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Great piece. Thanks!

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