Can Australia and the world be drought-proofed? Researchers and startups called to submit solutions
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Private sector investment into commercialisation of research will help unlock solutions to big problems like drought, according to Craig Shapiro, co-founder of Bridge Hub, which has just launched its 2020 Water Challenge.

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge will bring together experts, researchers and innovators from Australia, New Zealand and Israel to address the critical issue of how to better manage our water across the entire agri supply chain. The best Australian and New Zealand research solutions identified will win not only a cash prize, but investment into the commercial outcome of the solution.

“Through the 2020 Water Challenge, we are looking for practical solutions to the water problems across our agri supply chain. If we can unlock and solve the many water issues we face, it will help us tackle the really big picture issues such as drought,” Craig says.

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge aims to identify researchers and entrepreneurs who have solutions that can change the status quo of water within the agri supply chain (the agrisystem). Winning solutions will need to address one of four challenge questions:

1. How can the agrisystem use less water and increase productivity and profitability?
2. How can we ensure the quality of water optimises the outcomes for the agrisystem and the environment?
3. How can we turn arid agricultural areas into vibrant, sustainable and productive regions?
4. How can different sectors outside the agrisystem align to optimise water usage?

Total prize pool of $250K+ in cash and investment. Applications close August 7.

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