MapMyApple-Data driven platform that maximizes orchard efficiency
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Apple production worldwide is constantly under pressure to increase
yields, fruit quality, and safety, and, at the same time, reduce economic
and environmental costs. Proper tackling of diseases and pests posing a
threat to apple orchards is essential in achieving those goals. Correct
timing of pesticide sprays and a good choice of active ingredient play a
vital role in reducing costs while keeping the trees and fruits free from
disease and pest damage.

Without a suitable tool and strategy, they often fail, ending up with
established infections, significantly lowering the fruit quality and yield. Decision support systems take advantage of new technologies to respond to this challenge. The use of
decision support systems in orchards is increasing, especially in tasks related to pest and disease
prediction, detection, and planning of plant protection activities.

MapMyApple is a decision support system developed for professional apple growers. It brings the best
knowledge and practices in apple protection, enforced with advanced disease and pest forecast models.
MapMyApple collects data from the user’s orchard, runs it through the algorithms and the advanced
disease models, determines if there is a need to spray, chooses the right product, and schedules a
spraying activity for the selected block. Some of the data collected are the weather data (including leaf
wetness), location, rootstock, cultivar information, the year of planting, planting distance, and current
growth stage. Historical pressure of diseases and pests is also taken into account. Growers are provided with complete plans for spraying and foliar nutrition, custom-made for the
selected block, variety, and growing conditions. The list of diseases and pests MapMyApple predicts
covers apple scab, fire blight, powdery mildew, sooty blotch and flyspeck, and codling moth. The
recommendations are in line with the local PPP regulations, PHIs and MRLs.

In the 2020 growing season, in order to test the potential for
application in commercial apple production, we conducted a trial
with applying MapMyApple spraying plans at a commercial apple
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