Launching the new genre “Healthy Junk Food” from Tokyo
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On April 15th - TWO Inc, (Office: Shibuya, Tokyo/CEO: Yoshikazu Azuma) launched a healthy junk food brand “2foods”, a business in new genre, providing only healthy and absolutely delicious plant-based food, along with the existing wellness business. With the launch, the company opened 3 stores in Tokyo, starting from the one in Shibuya Loft on April 15th, 2021 (Thurs) and online store.
 Nowadays, with the increased attention to health, “vegan” and “ethical consuming” in the world, the needs toward “healthy food” using substitutes made of vegetable such as soy meat has increased. However, currently these food are usually pricy, not satisfying or delicious, and difficult to get it in daily life.
2foods is a new concept of “Healthy Junk Food”, which is both “Yummy” – taste stimulating deliciousness and “Healthy” – to reset your body. The brand provides only plant-based food, which is delicious healthy food offered at reasonable prices with a variety of products ranging from desserts to drinks. The brand also aims to expand the business globally as a Japanese global brand.
With the launch and grand opening of 2foods, the company hosted a business strategy press conference and tasting event on April 14th, 2021 (Wed) at 2foods Shibuya Loft store. In the business strategy press release, a video message of the founder of Green Monday(OMNIMEAT)David Yeung was also released.

1. What is “Healthy Junk Food”?
TWO Inc, the company that sells “Barth”, a bath additives brand which ranked No.1 in Amazon and Rakuten in only 3 years, is entering the food business after years of preparation. As a company that pursues real health, we will broaden dining options which has been “healthy but pricey” or “cheap but junky” by setting up the 2foods brand which provides “whole plant-based healthy junk food” that has the great taste of junk food, but is healthy and reasonably priced

2. Healthy food, or “plant-based” food, are growing markets in the world and in Japan
With the increasing awareness to health and number of vegetarians, “ethical consuming” and ”sustainability” became popular topics among consumers. The vegan market in the world has continued to expand, and is expected to grow to 23 billion USD in 2025. In Japan, ”plant-based food” which uses vegetable in substitute of animal products has gained attention. Moreover, in the pandemic of COVID 19, consumers have shown increased intention to live a healthy life by eating veggies several times a week, also known as ”flexitarian” = flexible vegetarian. On the business side, the market value of the major brand “Beyond Meat” in the US has exceeded 8 billion USD, indicating a fast growth of the market. In Japan, it is predicted that the market will grow to 710 million USD in 2030, 2.2 times bigger than the size of it in 2020. (by Seed Planning, 2020).

3. The business strategy and plans of 2foods to become a Japanese global brand
2foods plans to have 100~150 stores in 3 years in the world, aiming to become a “Japanese global brand”. Additionally, we are cooperating with food tech companies in the world including the collaboration with “OMNIMEAT”, the No.1 fake meat brand in Asia.

4. "FoodTechPark" showcases the most pioneering food tech in the world
2foods Shibuya Loft Store also operates "FoodTechPark" that showcases the most pioneering food tech in the world. In the FoodTech Park, you can also check the benefits of the products, and get the latest trends.

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