New M&A Firm Launched to Strengthen the Alt-Protein Sector
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Washington DC, Sept. 8, 2021 - Vital Gains LLC is North America’s first mergers and acquisitions firm dedicated to serving the alt-protein sector, which includes meat and other food and materials derived from plant-based, fermentation, cultivated (aka clean or cell-based) sources.

Lena Ludwig is Vital Gains’ principal and founder. She started working in M&A and finance over 20 years ago and has assisted hundreds of businesses with successful acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic growth planning. For the past 10 years, she has been a financial and administrative executive in the plant-based foods and animal rights movement.

“The popularity of plant-based foods and products will continue to grow exponentially. This, coupled with the rapid innovation of cultivated, cell-based meat and products, has created a perfect storm.” Lena continues, “Now is the time to focus on strengthening the marketplace. Proper consolidation and strategic partnerships can bring stability, sustainability, and profitability to these businesses. We want to be part of that solution. We want to help alt-protein businesses make smart choices and sound decisions. Projects and transactions on this large of a scale can make business owners vulnerable to exploitation. We offer risk assessment services to help mitigate those threats.”

Vital Gains brings a wealth of M&A knowledge and industry understanding to the table. They also strive to make the process stress-free and clients can be assured that security, accuracy, and confidentiality are all prioritized. Apart from financial forecasting, due diligence and transactions, the company also offers other services such as business valuations, acquisition or merger candidate searches, and bespoke projects.

About Vital Gains
Vital Gains is a woman-owned, women-operated consultancy with offices in Washington DC and Pune, India. The company assists emerging plant-based protein, cellular agriculture, and cultivated meat companies in scaling with existing markets and expanding into new ones. The company offers full merger & acquisition services as well as individual projects. They represent sellers, buyers, and/or strategic partners. For more information about the company, visit www.vitalgains.com or contact via email [email protected].

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